Welcome to T7S NEWS. This is for all of the news that will come up after maitenence once a week.

  1. To start off on a high note, SAKURA will finally debut in the game!  Now, you all wonder why I have Rona with a different appearance as my profile pic, here is why! Also, judging by the song types recently, this may either be Variety Show or even Vocal. It will debut next week on August 27th!
  2. New cards will be introduced in to gacha and events! Although SAKURA's cards are currently unknown in status, I can tell you, that this gacha will feature Ferb Seto, Yumeno Sakaiya, and Miwako Azami attending the summer music festival! Yumeno and Ferb will join the gacha, and Miwako will be rewarded in what we like to call a RAID EVENT.

These are this week's updates! BaiBai!

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