Sawori Yamai is a member of NANASTAR.

The Official Art Of Sawori Yamai.


Despite her physical streak of bad luck, Sawori is always energetic and happy. She gets into many unfortunate accidents, however, she heals very quickly, only leaving a tiny scratch. No matter how badly wounded she gets, she will always keep on smiling!


Sawori has fair skin and orange eyes. In her default look, she is wearing a white top (with light blue collar and sleeve endings, collar has a red bow), a light blue skirt, white socks and brown shoes. She also has banages wrapped around her head, right leg, and one on her cheek.

Sawori is 14 years old. She is 168cm tall, weighs 48kg, and her 3 sizes are 79-56-77.


  • It seems as if the further amount of cards she gets, she has more bandages on.
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