Manon Hoshigaki (星柿マノン Hoshigaki Manon) is a member of Nanastar. 


  • Age : 8
  • Birthday : November 9th (Scorpio)
  • Blood Type : O
  • Height/Weight : 65-47-60
  • Interests : "Magic", anime
  • Fun Fact : She looks up to idols as magical girls.
  • Attribute : DANCE


Manon is a young girl with very fair skin, red eyes, and short, dark blue hair. Her hair is mostly seen in a ponytail, but recently, she has also sported twin tails once. Manon's default outfit is an elementary school uniform (white shirt, red overall-like skirt) with white socks and brown shoes. She also has a light golden hat, and carries a deep scarlett backpack with her.


A magical elementary school girl who believes that idols are magical girls. This is because the way that idols make everyone happy with their singing and dancing is just like magic in her eyes. She's very innocent, so she gets tricked easily.


  • She has a rabbit with her at almost all times, but there is no confirmed name or gender for it.
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