Jedah Diamond (ジェダ・ダイヤモンド Jedah Diamond) is a member of NANASTAR.

The Official Art Of Jedah Diamond.


Jedah is a charming girl from America who is always looking for excitement.  As an exchange high school student, she always enjoys discovering new brands and ramen shops. She is an audience charmer with perfect proportions and a powerful voice. She enjoys ramen, origami, and playing the shamisen (a string instrument from Japan).


Jedah is a girl with dark skin, short-black hair and fiery orange eyes. In her default look, she wears a partially tucked white shirt with a loose red tie, a dark blue plaid skirt, dark blue socks, and white shoes.

Jedah is 17 years old. She is 160cm tall, weighs 48kg, and her 3 sizes are 82-54-84


  • Jedah is one of 4 characters to be exchange students.
  • Jedah is the eldest foreign exchange student, as she is a 3rd year in high school.
  • It is never specified where she came from, however she may be from America, like Alessandra.
  • Her seiyu Anju Inami is the voice of Chika Takami of Love Live! Sunshine, a spin-off to popular Idol franchise Love Live. Chika is described as the leader of her group Aqours.
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