Hitoha/Futaba Karakuri (空栗ヒトハ/フタバ Karakuri Hitoha/Futaba) are twin sisters and rivals in the game.


  • Age : 13
  • Birthday : December 31st (Capricorn)
  • Bloodtype : AB
  • Height/Weight : 153cm/42kg
  • 3 Sizes : 79-49-78
  • Character Voice : Akina
  • Interests : Each other, telepathy, unison dancing
  • Fun Fact : They can both telepathically know what the other one is thinking
  • Attribute : VOCAL


The Karakuri twins are only 2nd year middle school students, yet they are often expressionless, cold, and extremely mature for their age. They have the special ability of telepathy and can tell what the other is thinking and even synchronize their dance moves on stage. They have a huge hatred for the 777☆SISTERS, because their name does not comply with who they are biologically.


  • They are the only, youngest rivals in the game, not be 16 and not being members of 4U.
  • They are treated as 1 character.
  • Their attribute was revealed during a teaser for their cards. You can see the pink background as well as part of the S on the card which is higlighted in pink.
    • This is pretty ironic though, considering the fact that none of KARAKURI's songs are vocal in the first place.
  • You can tell which sister is which by the flowers in their hair. Hitoha has 1 flower in her hair, and Futaba has 2 flowers.
    • You can also tell that Hitoha is the older twin, as it is often for the eldest twin's name in a pair to be listed as first, followed by the younger twin.
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