Profile hina
Hina Saeki (佐伯ヒナ , Saeki Hina) is a member of 4U.


  • Age : 16
  • Birthday : June 30th (Cancer)
  • Blood Type : O
  • Height/Weight : 156 cm/43 kg
  • 3 Sizes : B85/W64/H83
  • Character Voice : Maria Naganawa
  • Interests : Popcorn
  • Fun Fact : Despite from her perfect attitude, she speaks in fluent, sassy accent.
  • Attribute : PLAYER


It is the leader of "4u" that the chubby figure is healed, and the girl in charge of drums. I love sweets, cute voice, coupled with small appearance, look very young. However, because the core is firmly, it has the leader nature of being caught in the big quarrel of Ume and Emoko, and finally reconciled. But the person in question seems to have no mind.

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