Seventh Sisters

7th Sisters spelled as "Seventh Sisters" on official albums is a legendary idol unit consisting of Nicole Nanasaki, Mito Hanyuda, Mana Misonoo, Qruit Kotobuki, Rui Wakaoji, and Memoru Yusa. It suddenly disappeared in the year 2032 and to this day no one knows where the members are.

Members Edit

  • Nicole Nanasaki - The leader and possible founder of 7th Sisters. She is a perfect idol who always gives her all. After the sudden disbanding of the group that took place two years ago, she is now hiding her identity as the manager of NANASTAR, Coney Rokusaki.
  • Mito Hanyuda - The second member of 7th Sisters. she is a very serious young woman who only focuses on singing and never smiles, due to this she is nicknamed "The Unsmiling Songstress Of Ice" by her fans.
  • Mana Misonoo - The third member of 7th Sisters, she is a refined and mature young lady.
  • Qruit Kotobuki - The fourth member of 7th Sisters, she is an orphan that was raised in a circus and is always feeling hungry.
  • Rui Wakaoji - The fifth member of 7th Sisters, she is considered the prince of 7th Sisters and is the oldest of the group.
  • Memoru Yusa - The sixth member of 7th Sisters who is the most popular of the group. She acts as a cheerful, sweet and innocent idol when on stage but is truly a sinister two-faced girl who only cares about making money.

Songs Edit

  • Star☆Glitter - The opening of the game Tokyo 7th Sisters.
  • Sparkle☆Time!! - This is thought to be the main song of the group and could possibly be their debut song.
  • SEVENTH HAVEN - The potential return of the 7th Sisters, or their original debut song
  • FALLING DOWN - The following song from SEVENTH HAVEN.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only group to have exactly six members.
  • Despite being non-NANASTAR and appearing as legendary bosses, they have nothing to do with being rivals due to NANASTAR's affiliation with Coney, a.k.a. Nicole.
  • Star☆Glitter is the only song where the 7th Sisters do not have Platinum cards for, instead, those cards are Silver cards.
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